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Term 4, week 4

Back with a hiss and a roar … well, not strictly true – I am down from five to four classes this term, and the extra four non-contacts have slightly improved my sanity. Still, this week has mostly been spent mopping up Y12 horror production (cue: PANIC!!!) and I’ve been staying in at lunch breaks and after school so students can use the machines to edit.

The last lot of holidays were a bit of a joke. Lots of marking, planning, and filing/making up bits of paperwork I just didn’t get a chance to do during term III. I promise to be more organised term. Really. I promise.

One hugely joyful thing has been the completion of the Gladeyes’ One Million Kisses video that the band filmed with my Y10 Media Studies class a few months ago. Everyone – band, students, me – is very happy with how it turned out.

Awww bless.

Currently grappling with a hugely under-resourced news unit for Y10 English. Thankfully, my trip to Washington, DC was not in vain, and the rather wonderful Newseum has some great resources online.


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After the two-day Y12 horror production marathon earlier this week, this afternoon say me once again supervising a shoot – this time with my Y10 Media Studies class, who were extras in a video shoot by Auckland indie pop band The Gladeyes. The band and I have been trying to plan this for almost a term, and I really wondered whether it’d ever actually come together. But we got there eventually … rhe class seemed to really enjoy it, and the band were happy with the results. I am hoping the edited version won’t be far off, and will post it here when it’s done.

In the meantime, here are some stills from the shoot …

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Term 3, week 4

Well, it’s that day again – Y12 Horror Shoot Day – the day senior management and school janitors hate, but which students love.

Thankfully the weather was fantastic, cool and crisp and barely a cloud in the sky. Thankfully all students showed up on time, and all were (reasonably) well prepared for their shoots. Here are some highlights …

Great stuff.

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Today was my last day of teaching, so this’ll probably be my last blog entry for the year.

I saw my Y9s for the last time this morning. They’re probably been my favourite class to teach, and the bulk of the students in that class are really funny, interesting and engaged. I made the all certificates for their various achievements, and everyone seemed pretty happy/amused by theirs with one exception – the one girl who seems to really actively dislike me anyway, and who I had to really struggle to find something nice to say anyway. A lot of these students have asked whether I’ll be their teacher next year. I’ve asked if I can, but the vagaries of timetabling mean that everything is still up in the air.

A note about relieving teachers. Remember how, when you were a kid, relieving teachers never really seemed to know what they were doing? Well, you weren’t just imagining that. It’s actually true. I am feeling particularly antagonistic towards relievers because I had some PRT1 professional development on Monday and left relief for my LAST EVER LESSON of Y10 Media Studies. The class had one period to finish/export their Sweded films. I left handout and explicit instructions for the reliever. And he or she failed to show. Which meant that not a single student finished and exported their final film, which they’ve been working on ALL TERM. The last few weeks have been quite frustrating in terms of Y10 Media. The class was too big anyway – 30 students – which meant resources/my time was always stretched. But we’ve missed so many lessons over the last few weeks due to exams, Marae visits, “fun days” and various other end-of-school activities.

Anyway, one group came and saw me today, wanting a copy of their film on DVD, so I got at least one completed Sweded film out of. These were the same students who won the Kickstart Breakfast competition – they smart, creative and earnest, which worked in their favour all all year.

And here are some promotional posters they made for their film:

These particular students seemed to really enjoy the course, and were a real pleasure to teach. I know I really need to tighten things up for next year with the year 10 course, but I’m pretty pleased with the successes I’ve had, given it’s the first time the course has been taught, and that I’ve developed all the resources myself.

Well. I made it. One year as a high school teacher. Whilst there have certainly been lows, they’ve been outweighed by a bunch of amazing highs. And – now – the final payoff. Seven weeks of paid holidays.

See you next year.

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Term 4, week 4

This is a beautiful little documentary that I’ll be showing my year 13s next year when they start to make documentaries. It has a tight, concise narrative with a beginning, middle and end and makes nice use of cutaways. It’s pretty much a perfect Excellence exemplar. (That’s not why I like it though. I just find the story so moving. If I had three million dollars …)

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Term 4, week 1

The two Excellence horror films from my Y12 Media Studies class. I’m pretty happy with how these turned out.

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Term 3, week 9

The sole Excellence documentary from my Y13 Media Studies class. It’s good …

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