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Term 4, week 9

This morning for our weekly all-staff PD session Milton organised a talk on the Treaty of Waitangi from Jason Fox. It was very good, both in terms of being extremely informative, and also in the way that he framed everything without laying down any guilt trips on the Pakeha in the room. One particularly interesting point that he made was that, with Maori arriving in Aotearoa/New Zealand only a thousand or so years ago, Maori are the youngest indigenous people in the world. I think the staff really enjoyed the visit to Orakei Marae a few weeks ago, and really saw the value in it, so it was nice to have something a little more academic/historical as an end point for the year’s professional development. (On the down side, just discovered that, up until the beginning of this year, there used to be breakfast served at PD in the mornings.)

The two top scholar awards for Y9 English this year come from my class (Junior Performing Arts) and not from the Advanced class.Heaven knows whether this has had anything to do with my teaching, but for today at least, I am feeling a little smug.


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Term 4, week 7

Today half the staff and (most of) the year 10 students had a fantastic day at the Orakei Marae, organised by Milton and Fiona. The day began by being welcomed onto the marae, before we were split up into groups and dispatched around the complex to perform activities based around maths, science and social studies. The activities themselves were fun, although it was the actual vibe of the place itself that really affected me. What’s more, it was really interesting to see so many of the local Maori students who can be so – for want of a better word – feral – at school operating so differently in that environment. Rachel said something to be yesterday about the tranquility of the marae, and I totally understood what she meant by that. I wonder what I, as a teacher, can do to bring that into the school, or at least into my classroom.

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