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Term 4, week 9

I had my final appraisal interview with Clare this morning. I think it went pretty well, and I handed over a gigantic stack of paperwork – Hong Kong telephone directory big – (and URL of this blog) to Milton to check through. Can’t believe I’ve completed a whole year as a high school teacher. Hurrah.

I have my final lesson with my Y9 English class on Thursday, so I spent a few hours today making some certificates for everyone in the class. Most of them are pretty funny, although there are always some students for whom it’s hard to say much, due to their lack on interaction with me or the rest of the class.

For the last few days I’ve had students come up to me and say “I saw you on 7 Days“. I had no idea what they were talking about so I thought I’d better see what/who they were talking about. Turns out that a) it’s some sort of celebrity panel discussion/game show, and b) woah! – I have a doppelganger. Check this guy out …

A bit tubby? Check. Sideburns? Check. Plastic-framed glasses? Check. Paisley shirt? Check. Turns out the guy’s a comedian, Jarred Christmas. I am disturbed.


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Term 3, week 9

Today I spent a few hours in discussion about implementing a house/academic mentoring program from School X next year. There are lots of kinks to iron out, but it sounds interesting and (probably) fairly groundbreaking. I really like the idea of vertical form classes, just because I think it reduced the amount of jackasses from the same peer group you’re likely to have in any one class.

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Term 3, week 5

Today I went back to the University of Auckland College of Education to be part of a panel of first year teachers talking to the current cohort of teacher trainees. It was funny seeing them all, and remembering how stressed out I was this time last year – not having a job, and not even knowing if I could do it or not.

In terms of advice, there wasn’t much I could think of, other than it’s not scary or difficult, it’s just lots of hard work. Still, I told them about the all the good/funny stuff too, and hopefully reassured them that the reality of their first year of teaching may not be as scary as they think.

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Term 2, week 9

Y9s are working on their static images. They’re (mostly) working well, although I feel like time has been a bit constricted this week because we spent so long on the creative writing task. That being said, the students’ creative writing does seem really rather good on first glance, and they did really enjoy/engage with the task. Sometimes it’s good to slow down, right?

Tonight Milton and I are taking the Y12s students to Spookers, preceeded by pizza and a viewing of The Shining. Can’t wait …

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Term 2, week 6

Nice long weekend, although as usual there was loads of school stuff to do. Seniors are doing exams although this doesn’t really seem to affect the day to day running of my classes.

Ordered pizza for my Y9 class today. The idiots at Domino’s Pizza in GI screwed up my order and made one too few pizzas, which meant that there was slightly too little food. Typically, people in the class bitched about this, and also the fact that I didn’t buy drinks, rather than actually thanking me for shelling out $60 on them. Charming … Still, as an exercise, the incentive went worked pretty well and they’ve generally been more respectiful of each other (and me) over the last few weeks.

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Term 2, week 5

Sent a bunch of Y13 Maori/Pasifika students off to an open day at AUT. Rebecca texted me to say that it was really good, and that that’s what she wants to do next year. The students who went seemed to come back pretty inspired and motivated.

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Term 1, week 8

Went to Jack’s IEP today. Was good to catch up with Judy, him mum, today. Was good to get more of an insight into his learning difficulties. I still maintain he’s one of the more interesting students in the class (amazing taste in films – way better than any of my seniors) and I just want to see how I can get stuck in/activate that in some way. I know he really wants to do Media Studies next year, so hopefully he’ll enjoy the practical stuff.

Went to the A&E last night to see about going back on Prozac. I have all the symptoms of depression – sleeplessness, racing thoughts, anxiety, difficulty concerntrating etc. The doctor I saw was really helpful and agreed that a course of anti-depressants would be a good idea. Fingers crossed.

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