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Term 2, week 2

A short week, thanks to University Graduation on Wednesday. Nice to be entitled to a paid day off work, and great to catch up with a bunch of people I trained with last year, and also to feel validated about my study and my current job.

Have started looking at The Princess Bride with my Y9 English class. They seem to be really enjoying it, for the most part, although there are a few desenters. Despite what I said earlier about not being too emotionally involved with the films I teach, I did get a real thrill watching it with my class today, and hearing them laugh at the same stuff that made me laugh in my early teens. (Oh the sad nostalgia of a 30-something gen-Xer.)

Y12s are starting their unit on representation. Am surprised at how generally sexist and racist they are. As someone who grew up in the age of Girls Can Do Anything it’s weird hearing the sexual stereotypes of my parents’ generation being bandied about the class. Still, they’re all hanging out for doing the horror genre later in the year, so hopefully that’ll be the carrot at the end of the stick.

Y13s are currently working on groupings for their documentaries. Some of their ideas were really good, although many weren’t that practical. Milton suggested a very structured approach (Selwyn Stories) although I am not sure. There seems to be a high degree of self-celebration among this cohort anyway, so I wonder how much more back-patting they need to do.


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