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Week 3, term 4

Best ever sick note from a student …

“Dear student office,

XXXXX is late today, due to a mishap at sea.

Kind Regards …”



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Term 4, week 4

Back with a hiss and a roar … well, not strictly true – I am down from five to four classes this term, and the extra four non-contacts have slightly improved my sanity. Still, this week has mostly been spent mopping up Y12 horror production (cue: PANIC!!!) and I’ve been staying in at lunch breaks and after school so students can use the machines to edit.

The last lot of holidays were a bit of a joke. Lots of marking, planning, and filing/making up bits of paperwork I just didn’t get a chance to do during term III. I promise to be more organised term. Really. I promise.

One hugely joyful thing has been the completion of the Gladeyes’ One Million Kisses video that the band filmed with my Y10 Media Studies class a few months ago. Everyone – band, students, me – is very happy with how it turned out.

Awww bless.

Currently grappling with a hugely under-resourced news unit for Y10 English. Thankfully, my trip to Washington, DC was not in vain, and the rather wonderful Newseum has some great resources online.

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