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Right, half the year is gone and I’m back at school. For followers of my ‘real life’, I spent the holidays (sorry, non-contact time) in Washington, DC and New York. I know it’s churlish to complain, having just had a fantastic holiday, but ‘ve come back really tried and feeling quite under-prepared for school this term. Thankfully my Y12s are doing production this term – which means I basically take a supervisory role for the term – and my Y13s are starting off with a Film Noir unit which will involve a bunch of films and material that I know like the back of my hand.

Junior English is another story. We’re supposed to being doing a Shakespeare unit and, whilst I assume that my 10/1 performing arts class will enjoy studying The Bard, I am not convinced that my 10/3 LEC (learning enhancement class) will feel the same – many of them have major ESOL issues and getting them to read extended English texts is difficult enough. I need to make a call over the next few days as to how, exactly, I need to differentiate the material.

I’m also starting a half-semester Y10 Media Studies class, doubling up a lot of students from 10/1, which means I’ll see a handful of students seven periods a week. Lord have mercy.


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