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Obviously, this blog is being updated less frequently than it was last year. I feel like I’ve spent the whole year either sick, or else dealing with some kind of household drama, be it a house sale, or a kitchen renovation, etc.

Last weekend’s NAME (National Association of Media Educators) day provided some excellent networking and PD opportunities. For the first time there’ll be proper year 11 Achievement Standards for Media Studies, which is exciting for me, as it’ll mean I’ll probably have fewer English classes from hereon in. I find that year 12 media is a bit of a stretch for a lot of my students. Media Studies is all about critical thinking, and it’s hard to deprogram student from three years of film studies in English. Bringing in lower-order critical thinking at year 11 should hopefully mean that the (very hard) Narrative standard at Level 2 won’t be so troublesome.

I’ve been thinking a bit about the term ‘digital native’, which gets bandied about a bit in education circles. I’m just not sure that I think it really represents the students I teach. Because School X is a mid-decile school with a high diversity in terms of both ethnicity and also household income, it’s unsurprising that the levels of technology adoption across the school are going to be highly variant. However, I’ve head a couple of recent dealings with students from (reasonably) monied, middle class/Pakeha households families who have not known how to send me an email. In this day and age. Unbelievable. I also had a student ask me “which is better, Google or Wikipedia?” (To which I replied “I don’t know, which is better, Whitcoulls or a dictionary”.)

I struggle with how, exactly, to teach digital literacy to my students. I almost think it needs to be its own subject. The Media Studies curriculum (well, virtual curriculum – there is not actual curriculum) is too packed, and I’m not sure that many English teachers would have the knowledge/interest/passion to actually teach this, even though it is a major part of 21st century literacy.

Hmmm … I need to think about this some more …


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