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Term 2, the eve of week 4

I am listening to The Verlaines’ Juvenilia compilation. The lyrics ‘You’re just too, too obscure for me’ have never sounded so apt, confronted by 30 x 6 essays full of weak reasoning and messy handwriting.


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Term 2, Week 3

I’m teaching an advertising unit, Having spent the best part of two and a half weeks talking about various advertising/propaganda techniques, I got the class into a computer lab to search of examples of “good” ads on the internet. Turns out at least half the class didn’t actually know the difference between and ad and a picture. Amazing. (Sample conversation: “Is this an ad, mister?” “No, it’s just a picture of a hamburger”.) I am not sure what I have learned about this, pedagogically, but … ummm … sometimes a picture of a hamburger is just a picture of a hamburger.

For some weird reason, there was an outbreak of ghetto-style in the grounds of School X. My Thursday duty is usually incredibly dull, patrolling the grounds around the school carpark. Today there was a massive club of students, and something resembling a fracas. Remembering Brian Marsh’s advice (“Walk towards the problem”) I wander over the encounter a hip-hop battle between two gigantic Y12 students. Fair enough, and all OK, were it not for the fact that the song they were singing was NWA’s Fuck the Police, and that the kids were all jumping around getting really hyped up chanting East Side! East Side. White wannabe gangstas from the suburbs = epic fail.

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