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Term 2, week 2

As a teacher, you tend to deal with a massive spectrum of students, from good to bad. I doubt there are many teachers whose motivation to come to school involves yelling at the bad ones. (Well, I’d hope not.) For every douchebag, smartarse or jackass, there’s likely to be a couple of interesting, engaged or, at the very least, polite ad friendly students. My main motivation for teaching has always been generating and maintaining personal relationships, and I like to think that I’m always fair and reasonable, even with the students I teach who can be a real pain.

… so … I’ve never really encountered a student who harboured an obvious anger/hatred towards me. Until the last few weeks, when a previously stood down student who has been away at Auckland Secondary School Centre arrived in my class to be “reintegrated” into the school. All my prep about him involved messages about how eager he’d be to keep his head down, how he really wanted to make a goal of school, how he wouldn’t cause any trouble.

If only. It’s hard for me to put my finger on what, exactly, is different with this student from all of the other troublemakers I’ve dealt with. But, really, there’s a real sense of malice and belligerence that I find really disturbing. Willful disobedience, undermining behaviour, nasty homophobic comments and a bunch of other stuff left me feeling really rattled all weekend. I’ve never felt this way about bad behaviour before, but, really, I’m pretty miserable.

My suspicion is that this student isn’t going to be at school much longer. Seems like it’s not just me he’s causing problems for. But … yeah … the dark side of being a school teacher.


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Term 2, week 1

Two weeks of being really really sick does not constitute a holiday. Seriously … I got a cold the last week of term 1, and, taking two days off school assumed I’d be better and would have a relaxing holiday. No such luck. Other than two days of intensive DIY painting a large portion of the living room, the rest of the holidays was spent laying on the couch feeling fatigued and incredibly sorry for myself. Marking was barely attempted, and planning has been minimal. I need a holiday.

Right, back into the fray!

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