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Term 1, week 2

Wow. This last week has been a baptism of fire. A new house system to get used to, roll-marking software changed again (and buggy as hell) and possibly the worst timetable I could possibly imagine. Due to a huge SNAFU in the timetabling this year, my English class are up against other media classes, which means that I need to move around to teach my year 10 English classes across three classes, carrying huge boxes of crap with me every time I need to teach. It’s really unsatisfactory and I’ve been bitching to anyone who’ll listen. (I don’t even have keys for some of the rooms I’m supposed to teach in.)

Le sigh

Otherwise school trundles on as normal. I have a Y12 and a Y13 Media class, as well as two English classes. One is basically the same performing arts class that I thought in year 9 last year, and the other is a class of mostly ESOL and extremely low ability classes. I’ve never taught a low level class before, and I’m finding it really difficult to know where to pitch my content.

Enough for now. I’m really tired and feeling pretty bummed about practically everything that has happened in the first week of school.


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Term 1, week 1

Shattered. More updates when I have the energy to move.

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