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Term 3, week 1

Am really pleased with how my Y10 Media Studies class is going, generally. The class has swollen from 18 (nice) to 30 (waaaay too big) over the last week, but the students are generally really nice and a mostly working well. Looking at their asTTle results, there is an odd mix of high ability students mixed in with some very low ability students. I am hoping that the “hands on” nature of the course will mean that these students will be able to work constructively together, and that everyone will have opportunities to create stuff.

Noir seems to be going well. Today I did a bit of chalk’n’talk about the Hays Code. Sometimes I find it extremely difficult not to just default to tertiary style. I know I need to work on this. But at the same time, how do you just impart vast chunks of important information on the students? They really need to know this stuff, and until it gets drilled in the rest of the context is going to be difficult for them to grasp.


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Am starting a Film Noir genre unit with my Y13s. I’m not sure how well they’ll deal with the classic noir stuff, so having started them off with Brick as a taster for the codes and conventions. Based on the first half, it looks like they’re liking it. I’m really looking forward to teaching this unit.

Now that my Y13s are (mostly) done with production – will probably give them a few more periods to tidy up – I’ll start my Y12s on horror production this week. Today I showed them some exemplars from previous years, and also got them to identify the codes and conventions of the genre. I didn’t actually do very much teaching of horror last term – was mostly just exposing them to a bunch of different films – but think that, now they’re immersed in the genre, the teaching should come easily.

Today was also the first period with my new Y10 Media Studies class. It was a funny period – lots of students came late, so I had to repeat a lot of the “getting to know you” stuff. Weird how these things pan out, especially picking up a second semester class where all the students know each other and I don’t know any of them.

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Term 2, week 10

I have been REALLY sick. Really really, incapicated-sick. According to Vanessa it’s probably swine flu. (The flu everyone’s talking about!) Just dragged myself into school to pick up stuff to mark/read over the holidays. Feel like death. Am also wracked with guilt over the fact that I haven’t been at school to help my Y13s with their films in the last week before they’re due. Will hopefully be able to pick up the pieces next term. Argh. Right, back to bed.

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