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Today was the second-to-last day on my Graduate Diploma, and the day I handed in my last piece of coursework. So, effectively, I’m finished, other than a shared breakfast with my English class tomorrow. And some kind of pub visit in the afternoon. It’s tempting to way lyrical a la “what a long strange trip it’s been” or something … but, really, I just feel weird. I’m really going to miss seeing a lot of the regulars, and am still feeling utterly terrified of being a teacher next year. Plus, I really have no idea what I’m supposed to do for the next few months. I should be planning units for next year, but given that I don’t actually know what classes I’ll be teaching, it’s hard to make plans.

What’s made today day even weirder is that I’d assumed I’d be celebrating with Vanessa tonight, and instead came home to find that she was going to be at work until at least 10pm. To confound matters, in a fit of stupidity I accidently kicked a doorframe really hard, and I think I’ve broke my toe.

In more trite/pop music related news, the Glasvegas album is really great. It’s not *quite* the 5-star classic I’d hoped, but Geraldine must surely be the song of the year. The new Belle & Sebastian The BBC Sessions is lovely too (although frustratingly incomplete) and its great to finally own an officially released version of Shoot The Sexual Athlete.


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Three weeks left at Auckland University.

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